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Oustanding Care All Around

I would highly recommend Becker ENT to anyone needing treatment of this variety. After meeting Dr. Samuel Becker during a hospital visit he was extremely knowledgeable about my issue which the ER doctor hadn’t even heard of and evoked complete confidence. Given that I was pregnant at the time I had to wait several months before following up, however when I did he still remembered me, showing that he was truly paying attention when he first treated me. Dr. Becker acknowledged that his colleague had more experience with my condition and rather than going by ego and keeping me himself, he recommended that Dr. Daramola continue my care. Dr. Daramola also evoked complete confidence, contacted me personally the night before my procedure to ease my fears and answer and questions and then performed my surgery with ease. When I developed a set back after my surgery, Dr. Daramola was responsive on a Sunday to get me prescriptions to address the problem. Finally, the office staff in the Robbinsville office is consistently friendly and helpful. One of my appointments wasn’t in the system one day and they made it possible for me to be seen regardless. Please consider utilizing this excellent team of doctors and office staff if you are in need of ENT care.

Just the Best Doctor Ever!!!

It was my first visit here ever, with Dr. Rosenstein, on Halloween!!! What a Super Friendly Staff!!! I did not not wait forever, I waited no time at all!!!I barely finished the paperwork before they called me back!!!The Nurse who took my vitals and history was Awesome!!! I did not get her name but she has a Cane Corso dog and I work at an Animal Hospital so she made me feel so at ease!!!Then I met Dr Rosenstein, what a Gentleman, I was so at ease with him!!! Really Awesome Doctor!!! Cute too!! Even though I’m Older!!! I got very Great News so that really helped!! But even if it wasn’t good news I really felt I was in Great Hands!!! I will never go elsewhere!!! Thank You, Dr. Rosenstein and all the staff!!!

Great Doctor

I have suffered for 3 years with extreme nose bleeds and my previous doctor was cauterizine the nose area which was of no help. I decided to find another doctor, I googled Dr. Becker he resolved my problem easily and cost effective, he recommended a medicine that cost me $1.49 and my bleeding has stopped. His office in Robbinsville is well presented and clean. On my visits I have been called on time to see him, wating time is minimal. Dr. Becker is very friendly and you can converse with him and his approach makes you feel relaxed. He has a sense of humor, do not ask, is it going to hurt because his response will be its not going to hurt me.

My nose is absolutely perfect!

I went to Dr. Becker for some breathing, snoring & headache issues. While I was there I also spoke with him about reducing the bump and tip of my nose. I was very nervous, I didn’t want to drastically alter my nose and wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. Dr. Becker took his time and explained everything during my office visit. We spoke again before the actual procedure. I was still nervous but felt comfortable with Dr. Becker. It’s been almost 3 weeks since my surgery and I am super pleased with the outcome!! Except for some minor swelling, my nose is absolutely perfect! It looks great and my breathing has improved already, even though it’s still a little swollen inside. I am totally thrilled with my whole experience with Dr. Becker. He is a true professional and an excellent surgeon. And I must add that his staff is also exceptional – they are very nice and extremely professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Becker, he is a caring, talented, skilled doctor. Thank you, Dr. Becker!!

I was very pleased with my care from Dr. Becker

My sinus problems have much improved since Dr. Becker’s surgery. I occasionally have a sinus headache or infection. If I take the meds right away it doesn’t last too long. I was very pleased with my care from Dr. Becker. I referred my daughter and niece to him for surgery.

A big thank-you to Dr. Rosenstein

Just want to say a big thank-you to Dr. Rosenstein, who did my sinus surgery. I was never in that much discomfort and he was always so nice when I had a visit. I feel so much better then when I first came to visit him. I had been sick off and on for around eight months.

Surgery was successful for me

Dr. Becker has provided me with a normal lifestyle with medical advice and medication, which is greatly appreciated. No more daily headaches — once in a while sinus headaches due to weather conditions. I don’t snore anymore. Surgery was successful for me.

I would highly recommend Dr. Kenneth to anyone

I have been seen by Dr. Kenneth Rosenstein several times over the past year or so. He has always been very kind, patient, and compassionate to my situation. I have a very extensive history with many issues which include everything from Vertigo to chronic sinus issues. I am glad I found him and I hope he continues to treat his patients with the upmost respect and courtesy. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Quick and to the point with a diagnosis and plan of treatment

Quick and to the point with a diagnosis and plan of treatment.

Dr. Kenneth really helped me with my problem

After explaining my symptoms Dr. Kenneth really helped me with my problem, he advised me what I needed to do and that really worked for me. Thank you very much.