Take Our Online Hearing Evaluation

Listed below are 7 questions related to hearing.

If you, your child, or loved one answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, hearing loss may be present.

Evaluation by an audiologist, including a more detailed hearing test, may be helpful. Please contact us today.

  1. Do you have noises in your ears or head (ringing, buzzing, humming, etc)?
  2. Do you feel as though people are whispering or mumbling?
  3. Do you hear well in quiet rooms but have difficulty understanding speech when background noise is present?
  4. Is your television turned up louder than it used to be or louder than is comfortable for others?
  5. Do you have trouble understanding on the telephone? Do you have a “good ear” for the telephone?
  6. Do you have any pain, pressure, or drainage in or from either ear?
  7. Do you ask people to repeat themselves when speaking to you?