If earplugs are a regular part of your life, you’ll want to consider custom ear plugs. Designed from an impression of your ear canal, custom ear plugs allow for unparalleled comfort and safety. They won’t fall out or hurt like standard earplugs might, and you can rest assured they’ll block the right amount of noise, giving you better hearing protection and a more enjoyable listening experience.

custom ear plugsCustom ear plugs are available for a variety of situations. Musician’s earplugs offer high fidelity and sharp clarity, reducing sound levels so that music and speech are clear and natural, while offering protection from the long-term effects of noise exposure. Swimmer’s earplugs prevent moisture from entering the ear canals, protecting against dangerous infections and abnormal bone growth. Earplugs for hunting and shooting feature acoustic filters and electronics designed to protect your ears from loud gunshots while allowing normal sounds to filter through. These are perfect for people in law enforcement.

No matter your needs, we ensure comfort during your mold fitting appointment, and superior protection in a variety of potentially dangerous situations.