Physicians and Audiologists Working Together

Our audiologists work in partnership with our ENT physicians to provide individualized treatment plans to ensure all of your ear-related issues are properly addressed.

Hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness can be debilitating symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms come on suddenly without warning. At other times, they creep up slowly on patients.

At the Becker Ear, Nose & Throat Center, we provide state of the art evaluation and treatment for patients suffering from disorders of the hearing and balance system. We seek to combine knowledge, skill, training, experience, and compassion with advanced technology. We promise to personalize your care.

Hearing Healthcare Services

hearing aids

Hearing Aids

Modern technology provided with specialized treatment plans



Help is available. Discover treatments and other resources to manage tinnitus

Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing Loss Prevention

Prevention of some forms of hearing loss and tinnitus for all ages



Prevention and treatment of hearing loss and speech & language delays in children

ear infections

Ear Infections & Swimmer’s Ear

Treatment for acute and chronic swimmer’s ear infections in children and adults