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If you experience headaches, congestion, pressure, post nasal drip, infections, cough, or blockage, many treatment options are available.

At the Becker Ear, Nose & Throat Center, we provide specialized care to our patients who need help with their nose, allergies, and sinuses. We strive to combine knowledge, skill, training, and experience with advanced technology.

We promise to make every effort to personalize your care and give you the special treatment you deserve. The old “take a number and have a seat” attitude has no place in your health care. You deserve better. See for yourself at Becker ENT.

Would you benefit from sinus relief?

allergy medication


Nasal sprays and oral medications may provide partial or complete relief

allergy treatments

Allergy Treatments

Allergy testing to show if you can benefit from allergy shots or drops

office procedures

Office Procedures

New technologies allow for short, in-office procedures designed to address sinus-related symptoms

sinus surgery

Sinus Surgery

With minimally-invasive oupatient surgery, patients can reclaim normal sinus function

Why Choose a Sinus Specialist?

This site provides information for those suffering from problems of the nose and sinuses, including allergies, nasal blockage, congestion or stuffy nose, recurring infection, or sinusitis, drainage in the nose and throat, sinus headaches and facial pain, diminished sense of smell, snoring, and other nose and sinus-related problems. Information is also provided for those patients with Cosmetic Nasal Requests.